Songwriters' Biographies

Two friends of over a half a century teamed up to write "The Shadows Among Us."  Dan Page and Nat Read met at Austin College in Texas in 1957.  After Nat finished his active duty Navy service and when Dan was between novels, they put their lives on hold and traveled across the country, occasionally taking a local job, in a trip celebrating America that they knew they'd never be able to take as their lives settled.  Nat was best man for Dan's wedding in Massachusetts and, of course, Dan had to be in California for Nat's recent remarriage.

Captain Nat Read, USNR-R(Retired) combines life strands of military service, professional writing, poetry and music in this veteran's tribute. He was a line officer serving on a refrigerator ship and an amphibious cargo ship.  While he was on this latter vessel, USS Tulare, the ship was dispatched  to the Tonkin Gulf loaded with Marines in the "Tonkin Gulf Incident," the episode that triggered the major U.S. involvement in Vietnam.  He remained in the Reserves after active duty, rising to the rank of Captain.  He removed his name from consideration for Admiral to pursue writing and other interests.  A winner of a Freedom's Foundation Award he is a frequent speaker at military and patriotic events.

Dan Page has been writing songs for more years than he will admit to – and he cannot figure out how he went to college with Nat and still be 20 years younger. His songs have topped charts in Europe and the U.S.A. and he co-wrote the Cowboy Up theme song for the Boston Red Sox in 2003. A three-time winner of Massachusetts's Songwriter of the Year award, he also picked up a prestigious MAC songwriting award in New York in 2008. "Co-writing with my longtime friend was a treat for me," he says, "and writing about the courageous service of our military heroes was truly inspirational. I hope there will be opportunities for others to hear this tribute to their bravery and patriotism." You can visit his website at DanPageSongwriter.