One Journey: Many Trails - The Life of Nat B. Read

One Journey: Many Trails

Nat Read’s life makes this book worth reading. He...

  • was an exchange student to the USSR soon after the U-2 incident
  • was a navy deck officer at the Vietnam Tonkin Gulf Incident
  • rose to navy captain; declined promotion to rear admiral
  • preached in small Presbyterian churches in Texas and Oklahoma
  • marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; active in civil rights
  • has written for Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, Good Housekeeping, Saturday Evening Post, and Los Angeles Times
  • has written books, TV dramas, plays, Country/Western songs
  • wrote an article causing Mayor Daley to kill Chicago Magazine
  • made his living as a cartoonist, cab driver, Nevada casino worker
  • was an LAPD reserve cop working gang suppression in Watts, Hollywood vice, downtown footbeat, Northeast patrol
  • appeared as stand-up comic at Improv, Ice House and others
  • was PR strategist: Gold Line, I-710, One Colorado Blvd., etc.

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