Read Communications Client List

400 North Brand ( Glendale )
500 Central ( Glendale )
500 North Brand ( Glendale )
550 North Brand ( Glendale )
All Saints Episcopal Church ( Pasadena )
American Pacific Securities Corp.  ( Pasadena )  One of the country's largest broker-dealer financial investment firms.
ARBA Group ( Los Angeles )
ARCO  ( Los Angeles )  Oil company
Archstone Development Company
Asanti Fine Jewellers  ( Pasadena )  Fine retail jeweller.
Ask Mr. Foster  ( Van Nuys , Calif. )  Nationwide travel agency network.
Baker & Hostetler, McCutchen, Black  ( Los Angeles )  Los Angeles office of the 12th largest law firm in the U.S.
Boys and Girls Club of Pasadena
Browning Ferris Industries
Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Terminal Location Project Management Team
California Music Theatre  ( Pasadena )  Productions of musicals
Canadian Consul General of Los Angeles  ( California )
M. C. Cash Fitness  ( Pasadena )  Aerobics studio.
Chamlian Armenian School  ( Glendale )  Private elementary and middle school.
Champion Development Company
Chandler School ( Pasadena )
Chevron U.S.A.  ( La Habra , Calif. )  Oil company
Christie, Parker & Hale  ( Pasadena ) Intellectual property law firm
Citizen’s Bank
City of Alhambra
City of Azusa
City of Covina
City of Glendale
City of Monterey Park
City of Pasadena
City of San Gabriel
City of San Marino
City of West Covina
Coast Financial Concepts  ( Glendale )  Mortgage banking and brokerage company.
Crown City Gardeners  ( Pasadena )  Professional association.
DataTape Corporation ( Pasadena )
Day One  ( Pasadena )  Anti-alcohol/drug/tobacco abuse umbrella group.
Dimensional Presentations Inc.  ( Culver City , Calif. )  Architectural modeling manufacturer.
Disney Hall Ritz-Carlton Hotel  ( Los Angeles )  Proposed luxury hotel in Music Center
Dorn-Platz Company  ( Glendale )  Residential and commercial real estate sales
Eastman Kodak Company  ( Rochester , N.Y. )
Exchange Marketplace  ( Glendale )  Mixed use retail/restaurant/office complex
Extended Stay America
Financial Network Investment Corp.  ( Torrance , Calif. )  The largest independent broker-dealer firm in the U.S.
Foothill Transit Covina Transportation Center
Gannet Outdoor ( Los Angeles )
Gemtel Corporation  ( Los Angeles )  Real estate developer of community Shopping centers and luxury hotels.
General Telephone of California  ( Santa Monica , Calif. )
Givens for City Council  ( Glendale )  Political campaign.
Glendale Citizens for Quality of Life  ( Glendale )  Political campaign.
Glendale Galleria III  ( Glendale )  Proposed expansion.
Glendale Memorial Hospital
Glendale YWCA
Gould Electronics NavCom Systems  ( El Monte , Calif. )  Manufacturer of military communications and radar systems.
The Hahn Company  ( La Jolla , Calif. )  Regional mall developer and manager
Hamilton & Bache  ( Glendale )  Investment counsel and mutual fund manager
Homestead Village Hotel Corp.
The Howard-Platz Group  ( Glendale )  Real estate developer of high rise offices, multiple-unit residential and mixed use projects.
KCET Channel 28  ( Los Angeles )  Public television station.
Lee, Sperling, Hisamune  ( Glendale )  C.P.A. firm.
Levine Construction & Investment Corp. ( Beverly Hills , Calif.)  Real estate developer
Los Angeles Center  Major downtown Los Angeles development on former site of Unocal headquarters and L.A. Chamber of Commerce
Los Angeles County Department of Transportation  (As a subcontractor to Illium.)
Los Angeles to Pasadena Light Rail Blue Line Construction Management Team
Lucas, Horsfal, Murphy and Pendroh ( Pasadena ) CPA firm
Majestic Realty Corp
Mayfield Senior School ( Pasadena )
Methodist Hospital ( Arcadia )
Milam & Palumbo  ( Pasadena )  Law firm specializing in workers compensation defense and workers compensation fraud
The Moseley Company
MultiCultural Radio Broadcasting, Inc.
New Horizon School
No on Proposition G  ( Pasadena )  Successful campaign to defeat no-growth initiative
The Oak Knoll Group  ( Pasadena )  Real estate developer and manager of hotel, residential, retail and mixed use projects
One Colorado Boulevard  ( Pasadena )  Full-block preservation development of retail/theatre/restaurants
Park Towers  ( Glendale )  Twin high rise condo project.
Parker, Berg, Soldwedel, Palermo  ( Pasadena )  Oldest law firm in Pasadena (founded 1891)
Pasadena Center Operating Company  ( Pasadena )  Umbrella group for convention & visitors bureau, civic auditorium and convention center
Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and Civic Association
Pasadena City College  Community college
Pasadena Marketplace  ( Pasadena )  Urban mixed-use project of retail and restaurants
Pasadena Playhouse
Pasadena Presbyterian Church
Paseo Colorado ( Pasadena )
Polytechnic School ( Pasadena )
Provident Investment Corporation  ( Pasadena )  One of the nation's top investment counsel firms
PUSH (Pasadenans United for Solutions on Housing) anti-rent control
Rallis & Abril  ( Pasadena )  Law firm specializing in bankruptcy
Raymond Theater ( Pasadena )
The Ritz-Carlton, Huntington Hotel  ( Pasadena )  Four-star historic hotel property.
Robbins, Dalgarn, Berliner & Carson  ( Los Angeles )  Law firm specializing in intellectual property law.
Rose Bowl Aquatics  ( Pasadena )  World-class swimming center
Vincent B. Ruh Company ( La Palma , Calif. )  Real estate developer and manager of industrial properties
St. Mary’s Armenian Apostolic Church ( Glendale )
San Gabriel Valley Cities and Commerce Consortium  ( West Covina , Calif. )  Business development umbrella group.
San Gabriel Valley Commercial Project  ( San Gabriel , Calif. )  Mixed use retail and hotel project
Sares-Regis Group ( Pasadena ) Westgate Pasadena mixed use residential and retail
Scripps Home
Smith & Hricik Development Co.  ( Los Angeles )  Real estate developer of high rise office buildings.
SNK Development Co.
South Lake Business Association  ( Pasadena )  Business Improvement District composed of retail, financial and office tenants.
Southern California Association of Governments
Southern California Gardeners Association
The Stitzel Company  ( San Francisco )  Real estate developer of preservation retail projects.
Sunset Industries ( Alhambra ) Manfactured housing
The Episcopal Home Communities ( Alhambra) retirement homes
The Sycamores  ( Altadena )  Residential treatment center for abused and neglected boys.
T & S Development Co.  ( Riverside , Calif. )  Real estate developer of retail, regional malls and mixed use projects.
Traffic Monitoring Technologies  ( Houston )  Supplier of photo-radar systems.
Tri-City Business  ( Burbank )  Publication for businesses in Burbank  Glendale and Pasadena .
Tri-City Mental Health Center (Claremont-La Verne-Pomona)
Tri-City Transportation Coalition  ( Burbank , Glendale , Pasadena )  Public-private partnership.
Two Rodeo Drive  ( Beverly Hills )  The major retail complex on Rodeo Drive
Union Station ( Pasadena )  Homeless shelter
Unocal  ( Los Angeles )  Oil company
Urban League  ( Pasadena ) 
Venture Associates, Inc.  (Los Angeles)  Energy companies
Vestar Development Co.
Vroman's Book Store  ( Pasadena )  Major book store
WE CARE  (Pasadena/Altadena)  Community coalition
Villa Estates ( Pasadena )  Residential Housing Development
Westridge School ( Pasadena )
YMCA/YWCA of Pasadena  ( Pasadena ) 
Zellerbach ( Los Angeles ) National paper products company